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Reference Number: MDRCW0243

Notice for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity

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Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Approval Authority: Wicomico SCD

State/Federal project without an SF number? No

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Permit Type: General Permit

Responsible Person

Name: Mr.  Zulfiqar  Ahmed

Address: 43152 Gardenpost Sq,  ,  Ashburn,  Virginia,  20147

Mailing Address: 43152 Gardenpost Sq,  ,  Ashburn,  Virginia,  20147

Phone: (571) 215-6395



Organization Name Email Address Type
Zulfiqar Ahmed Primary

Contact Person

Name: Mr.  Basit  Zulfiqar

Phone: (571) 215-6395


Tax Information

Tax Entity: Individual

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Site/Project Name: West Road Poultry Houses

Location Description: On the northwest corner of N. West Road and Naylor Mill Road, approximately 1,200 feet north from its intersection to the Route 50, Salisbury Bypass, Naylor Mill Road off-ramp intersection.

Address: ,  Salisbury,  Maryland,  21801

County: Wicomico County

Site Coordinates (N, W): 38.409°,  -75.621°

Total Site Area: 63.05 acres

Total Disturbed Area: 61.38 acres

Site Contact Person




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Construction Project

Description: The existing land use is currently farm/crop production. The proposed development of the land will include the construction of 13 poultry houses, appurtenances associated with the poultry houses, and stormwater management facilities.

Project Use: Industrial

SIC Number: Other -- 0250

Discharge Information

Site Runoff: Surface waters -- Owens Branch

Watershed Basin Code: 02130301

Does the site fall within a Tier II Watershed? No

Are the receiving waters listed on the current Maryland 303(d) list as impaired? No

Cause of the impairment:

Date comparing the eventual receiving waters with the Maryland 303(d) list: 11/16/2015

Impervious Surface and Runoff Curves

Pre-Development: 30

Post-Development: 64

Impervious Surface Area: 29.2 acres

Permanent Stormwater Management Facilities

Stormwater management facilities waived or exempted? No

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Facility Quantity Total Drainage Area
Open channel systems 10 23.80
Stormwater ponds 2 39.50
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Vicinity Map:  150012-Vic Map.pdf

Certification of Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Approval:  E&S Approved 010516.pdf

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Full Name User Name Signature Date Person Type Disturbed Acreage
Zulfiqar Ahmed zulfiqarahmed 11/18/2015 Primary 61.38